Flinders University OPAL Evaluation Project Report

The Flinders University of South Australia (Flinders) OPAL Evaluation Project is the first of two components of the OPAL program evaluation. This first component measured changes in healthy weight and health-related quality of life as well as changes in eating practices (including fruit, vegetable and discretionary food/drink consumption) and changes in home and school environments, sleep, physical activity and sedentary (screen-time) practices. 

The community capacity building component of the OPAL program also was evaluated. This evaluation compared OPAL sites in Phase 1 and 2 of the program with matched comparison communities in the same phase.  

The second component is the OPAL Integrative Evaluation currently being completed by the University of South Australia. The outcomes of the Integrative Evaluation are expected in the first half of 2017. The Integrative Evaluation will examine the contextual circumstances in which OPAL was more or less successful.

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