Food recalls

A food recall is undertaken to remove food from distribution and sale that may pose a health or safety risk to consumers.Food recalls may be conducted at trade or consumer level depending upon the extent an implicated food has travelled through the food chain.

Food recalls are conducted by a food business when:

  • a food safety issue has been identified by the business
  • a particular food is found to be unsafe
  • food is labelled in a manner that may cause harm to a consumer.

Food recalls can be voluntarily initiated by a food business or enforced by SA Health’s Food Safety and Nutrition Branch in response to public health risks.

Current food recalls

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) nationally coordinates the recall of foods that present a health and safety risk to consumers in consultation with state and territory governments.

For a list of current food recalls see the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand website. Each food recall will provide you with further information including:

  • the reason for recalling
  • where it was sold
  • what you should do
  • contact details.

If food is recalled in South Australia, SA Health will alert the general public through a media release.

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