Hospital Admission Pack

Going to hospital can be a difficult time for patients, their families and their friends. This Hospital Admission Pack (PDF 176KB) has been developed to make your stay more comfortable by giving you a general explanation of the admissions process and practical advice about:

  • what you can expect during your hospital stay
  • what you should bring with you
  • what you should leave at home.

While the information in this pack relates mainly to admissions that are planned in advance, such as for elective surgery, much of it will also be helpful for emergency admissions.

To make it easier for you to find specific information, topics in this information pack (PDF 176KB) are arranged in alphabetical order.

Specific information for the metropolitan or country hospital you will be attending is also available and can be viewed at, and downloaded from, the SA Health website at

SA Health provides high-quality acute health care at its eight metropolitan hospitals and its regional network of 65 hospitals throughout country South Australia. We are committed to achieving and delivering the highest possible standards of quality care to all our patients. That is why SA Health sites are accredited against the ten National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards. Accreditation is your reassurance that SA Health’s hospitals and health services are committed to delivering quality patient care. 

SA Health is committed to patient and consumer centred care, which is health care that is respectful of and responsive to the choices, needs and values of patients and consumers.

Key principles of patient centred approaches include:

  • treating patients, consumers, carers and families with dignity and respect
  • encouraging and supporting patients, consumers, carers and families to be part of decision-making
  • communicating and sharing information with patients, consumers, carers and families
  • working with patients, consumers, carers, families and health professionals to develop programs and policies, and in health service design, delivery and evaluation
  • we are mindful of factors that can influence how consumers and patients experience health services.

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