Telehealth at SALHN

As a result of a pilot program led by the Flinders University, the Repatriation General Hospital Home Rehabilitation Service currently offers telerehabilitation to all patients receiving rehabilitation at home.  

Patients are provided with a 4G enabled iPad configured with therapeutic apps and a videoconferencing platform that can be used to provide therapy remotely.

Use of videoconferencing and mobile technologies has proven successful, resulting in saving clinic time and money and increasing access for patients across SA Health.

To view more information about the Telehealth in the home trial project, please visit the Flinders University Telehealth page.

For further information about Telehealth at SALHN, please contact:

Claire Morris
Manager, Home, Outreach and Tele-Rehabilitation
Repatriation General Hospital, Daw Park SA 5041
Telephone: (08) 8275 1980

General enquiries

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