About 4th Generation Rehabilitation Clinics

4th Generation Clinics provide team based care for older people and people who are living with a disability.

Rehabilitation teams

Our rehabilitation teams include health professionals with different expertise and the patient has a key role. Together, the team makes plans for rehabilitation that can improve a person’s ability to be more mobile and active.

The make up of each team is based on a patient’s individual situation and can include:

  • rehabilitation physicians
  • geriatricians
  • physiotherapists
  • occupational therapists
  • speech pathologists
  • dieticians
  • prosthetists
  • exercise therapists

People can access our rehabilitation services through one of our programs or through specialised rehabilitation clinics for conditions such as stroke or dementia. Access the following information to find out what 4th Generation Rehabilitation can offer.

4th Generation Clinics Rehabilitation programs overview

Rehabilitation services for older people at 4th Generation Clinics

Rehabilitation services for people living with disabilities at 4th Generation Clinics

4th Generation facilities

4th Generation Clinics is a new facility, enabling us to provide progressive, integrated services to meet our patients’ needs:

  • highly immersive virtual environment (HIVE) with exer-games, driving simulator and VICON Gait Analysis Laboratory
  • robotics to assist in caring for people who have neurological injuries (stroke, brain injuries)
  • gym and large rehabilitation pool

We can provide services to country areas and to people living in nursing homes using a tele–health system.

  • tele–rehabilitation
  • tele–consulting

Learning with 4th Generation Clinics

Unique learning approaches include using advanced technologies and opportunities to develop skills in authentic clinical settings. 

Visit the Learning with 4th Generation Rehabilitation Clinics section to access the student portal and for more information about learning opportunities through Flinders University and 4th Generation. Our partners at Flinders University also have good information about rehabilitation learning programs available.

Contact us

4th Generation Clinics
Rehabilitation Building
Repatriation General Hospital
ph:  (08) 8275 1103


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