Podiatry services in CALHN

The Department of Podiatry in Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) is a specialist unit focusing on preventing foot and lower limb amputations in patients with complex medical conditions. The service provides daily inpatient and outpatient clinics at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and regular care of inpatients at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre.

The service aims to identify patients at high risk of a lower limb complication such as amputation and implement an appropriate management plan with an inter-disciplinary focus. Care is provided to those patients with post-amputation sites, active ulceration, infection and structural deformities of the foot and ankle. The service endeavours to optimise wound healing, reduce hospitalisations, facilitate suitable discharge and prevent readmission.

The department has a commitment to continued professional development activities, such as international and national conference attendance, workshops, courses and research to ensure ongoing best evidence based practice is achieved. All clinical staff and students are registered with the ‘Podiatry Board of Australia’.

The department provides field placements for students from the School of Health Sciences, Podiatry, at the University of South Australia and other national programs.

To access the department, a written referral is required prior to an appointment being issued. Referrals are triaged based on information provided in the written correspondence. Waiting times will therefore vary depending on the urgency of the request. As podiatry services are provided across all metropolitan local health networks, only patients who reside in the CALHN will be issued with an appointment.


Cathy Loughry, Director CALHN Podiatry

Telephone: (08) 7074 4000



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