Support the Repatriation General Hospital

Volunteers provide a valued community service to RGH and we view them as integral to providing efficient and complimentary health care for our veterans and older people. Volunteers help in areas such as:

  • patient companionship
  • clinic attendants
  • coffee shop assistants
  • meet and greet
  • internal and external transport
  • canteen and library trolleys

For more information about volunteering at RGH please telephone Volunteer Services on (08) 8275 1397.

Other ways that you can support RGH is through organisations that contribute to our medical research, patient care and our community.

The Repat Foundation funds medical and scientific research into causes, prevention and treatment of medical conditions with a particular focus on service personnel, veterans and their families, and the wider South Australian community.

In collaboration with the Repatriation General Hospital, the organisation also raises funds to support research projects, new specialised equipment and program delivery. 

The Daw House Hospice Foundation raises funds required to support people receiving end of life care in Southern Adelaide, and ensures they have access to services above and beyond traditional care.

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