Admission and discharge at Repatriation General Hospital


A bracelet identification band is issued to all patients for their admission, and needs to be worn throughout their stay. Please tell the doctor or a nurse of any allergies or sensitivities to antibiotics/medication(s), food, adhesive tapes or products such as latex.

Personal effects and valuables

Patients should not bring any valuables or money with them to hospital, other than a small amount for newspapers or magazines. If you have to bring valuables, please ask a nurse to deposit the items with the cashier for safekeeping.

Any electrical equipment that is brought into the hospital needs to be safety tested by hospital staff. Please see your ward clerk to arrange for electrical testing.


The discharge time is 11.00 am. If you are to be discharged after this time the hospital has an area where you can wait for transport.  All patients are asked to arrange their own transport.

Prior to discharge, please check that you have received all of your medical prescriptions and information about follow up appointments.

Please make sure you understand all discharge instructions.


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