Accounts and charges at the Repatriation General Hospital

Account enquiries

If you have any account enquiries, or are experiencing difficulties paying your account, please call the number listed on your invoice.

Compensation patients and insurance claims

If you are admitted to RGH under Workers Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident (Compulsory Third Party) or other special types of insurance, your accounts can be sent direct to Workcover or Allianz on provision of your claim information.  Alternatively accounts will be sent to you and they can be claimed from the relevant insurance company or organisation.

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Processing RGH is proud to offer veterans and war widows of South Australia the best possible care and high quality services.

Medicare processes claims for veterans in collaboration with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), which develops and manages policy for veterans. Accounts for eligible veterans and war widows are sent directly to Medicare for payment. DVA assesses veterans’ eligibility.

For more information and advice on Department of Veterans’ Affairs, contact the Veteran Liaison Officer on 8277 1606 during business hours, or ask a staff member to organise them to visit you in hospital.

Direct billing

Accounts for hospital accommodation charges may be sent directly to your health fund.

Non-Medicare patients

Non-Medicare patients are persons who usually live outside of Australia (overseas visitors and temporary visa holders) who are not residents of any of the countries with which Australia has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement (RHCA).

Non-Medicare patients are responsible for the payment of fees relating to all hospital, medical and diagnostic services provided. Reciprocal Health Care Arrangements exist for visitors from countries with which Australia has a RHCA. Proof of eligibility will need to be provided.  

Eligibility may be confirmed by the patent holding a Reciprocal Medicare card or providing a copy of their Passport of the country with which there is an RHCA.  

Private patients

At the Repatriation General Hospital you can choose to be admitted as a private patient. Admission as a private patient has benefits for both you and the hospital. For more information please visit the attending hospital as a private patient page.

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