Country Liaison Service for Southern Adelaide LHN

For all enquiries:

Telephone: (08) 7117 0726 pager 48062

Fax: (08) 7117 0724

The Country Liaison Service is part of the Intermediate Care Service

(ICS) Hospital Avoidance and Supported Discharge Care Pathway. The role provides a central point of contact to support the health journey for country patients requiring care in SALHN hospitals.

Problem solving for individual issues or barriers to country patient flow is provided, as well as addressing wider issues around country capacity, service readiness, timeliness and other flow related concerns.

Partnerships with country providers and other Local Health Network counterparts have been formed to improve the patient journey and ensure country patients receive the appropriate level of care, closest to home and a smooth transition in their health care journey.

The service also has access to a multi-disciplinary team of allied health professionals to further support hospital avoidance and provide short term services to enable better management of their needs in a community setting.

Eligibility Criteria

This service is available to patients who are currently living in country areas who are inpatients in Flinders Medical Centre, Repatriation General Hospital and Noarlunga Hospital or for those patients who may require access to alternative services pre and post-acute stay.


ICS are implementing a single point of entry for all its services, accessed via a number of pathways:

Templates for GP systems

ICS Referral Form SALHN - Best Practice (RTF 552KB)
ICS Referral Form SALHN - Medical Director (RTF 106KB)

Fact Sheets

Importing templates into Best Practice - fact sheet (PDF 54KB)
Importing templates into Medical Director - fact sheet (PDF 55KB)

Phone: (08) 7117 0728
Mobile: 0466 503 363
Fax: (08) 7117 0724


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