Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS) online calculator

An online calculator is available to accurately determine the distance you travel from your permanent place of residence to medical specialist services. The distance travelled determines eligibility for PATS. The amount of the subsidy is shown by the calculator when both the residence and destination fields have been entered. You can measure distances yourself using the online calculator or ask your local PATS officer or GP practice nurse to use the online calculator to measure the distances for you.

The PATS On-line Calculator is now using Google Mapping software to accurately measure the shortest distance from your residence to the travel destination. The web-based technology is both up to date and regularly changes with improvements to roads.

The tool accurately calculates the distance travelled via the most direct and fastest surface route between:

  • Your permanent residential address and
  • The central point (usually the GPO) where the medical specialist service is provided. 

The route calculated by PATS Google Maps can be recreated by PATS users on computers or hand-held devices.

Online calculator

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