Four easy steps to get help at home

Country Health SA offers a wide range of community, in-home and residential aged care services to support you or your loved one to stay well and independent in your community. If you need help with everyday tasks or want to discuss other aged care service options Country Health can support you.

From July 2015, the Australian Government advised that to get access to most aged care services you must first register with the My Aged Care service. We can help you with the registration process. It is fine to have a family member or friend with you through this process if you wish. 

Step 1
  • Call Country Health SA on 1800 944 912 or visit your local health service
  • our staff will help you register with My Aged Care if required
  • visit the My Aged Care website or call 1800 200 422
Step 2
  • You will need the following information ready
    • Full name
    • Residential address
    • Date of birth
    • Telephone number
    • Medicare or Pension number
Step 3
  • You will be asked a series of questions about your daily life and the type of services you might need
  • You will be assessed for the most appropriate type of service and advised of the next steps
Step 4
  • Please ask for Country Health SA as your service provider and we can make sure you get the right service to meet your needs.

If you have been assessed as being eligible for a Home Care Package, Country Health SA can help you find out what packages are available in your region.

Alternatively you can do your own research at the My Aged Care website, or you can phone 1800 944 912 to ask for support and advice to navigate the process.

If there are no home care packages available in your region, you may need to join a waiting list. If this happens, you might be offered a package at a lower level than you need and then be moved up to the right level of support when it is available.

Country Health SA will do their best to support you to find an alternate provider if they cannot assist you immediately.

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