What our clients are saying about us

We receive some lovely feedback from our clients. Here are some of the comments they’ve shared with us recently.

'I had my mammogram at Arndale today and the radiographer was by far the best, friendly, gentle person I’ve ever had. Thank you.'
Arndale Client - February 2017

'Lovely caring staff - thoughtful, informative, helpful.'
- Christies Beach client, March 2017

'Beautiful calm environment, amazingly respectful staff, fragrant deodorant! An absolute pleasure - I am telling my friends!'
- David Jones Client, March 2017

'Lovely welcome upon arrival at reception. A beautiful caring consultant doing X-rays made this an enjoyable experience.' 
- David Jones Client, November 2016

'Big thank you such friendly lovely people. I turned up a day early and the wonderful staff got me in. Thank you!'
- Elizabeth Client, March 2017

'I would just like to say that the high quality of service was much appreciated. Keep up the great work. Thank you.'
- Elizabeth Client, October 2016

'Thank you. The most comfortable and at ease I have ever felt with a mammogram.'
Hyde Park Client, February 2017

'Just want to say how grateful I am for a fantastic service. Thank you so much.' 
- Hyde Park Client, November 2016

'Excellent service. Lovely and clean everywhere. Treated with the utmost care and respect. Thank you.'
- Marion Client, March 2017

'Appreciate the excellent balance between kindness and professionalism. First time - thanks for making it straight forward.'
- Marion Client, October 2016

'Always a pleasure. Very friendly, relaxed environment and the staff are always delightful. Good stuff.' 
– Mobile Unit Client, January 2017

'It's great to have this service in the country excellent staff.'
- Mobile Unit Client, October 2016

'FANTASTIC SERVICE! Quick, easy to arrange. Delightful staff. Friendly and professional. A wonderful health initiative.'
- Mobile Unit Client, November 2016

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