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It’s our job to get you the right care, first time, every time.

To help us do that, our major hospitals have dedicated teams of clinical specialists who are on standby to respond to serious events like stroke, heart attack or spinal injury.

So when you dial triple zero (000) we’ll be ready to assess your condition, administer treatment, and if required, take you directly to the hospital that’s best suited to your needs.

It might not always be the hospital that’s closest to you, but with additional skilled paramedics and ambulances on the road, we’ll be with you all the way.

Destination Triage Tool

To support this, SA Ambulance Service has developed a pre-hospital Destination Triage Tool in consultation with clinical specialists and Emergency Department staff, which will assist paramedics in getting patients to the hospital best suited for their condition, quicker.

The Destination Triage Tool will be implemented in January 2017 to minimise secondary patient transfers and support the management of patient flow through the hospital system.

This means that some patients will be transported to the most appropriate hospital, which may not always be the closest or the one that they have been treated at before, to ensure they receive the best clinical care for their condition.

SA Ambulance Service

For many people, their patient journey starts with an emergency situation where an ambulance is called. The skills and expertise of our highly trained paramedic clinicians are vital in assessing and caring for patients in emergency situations, and ensuring patients go directly to the right hospital for their condition.

To make sure patients receive the right care, the first time and at the right hospital, more than $16 million is being invested under Transforming Health to employ 72 additional paramedics and support staff, expand the ambulance fleet by 12 vehicles and increase and expand metropolitan ambulance stations.

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