Name meaning…Caring House

Kanggawodli is a 24/7 Aboriginal-managed SA Health service that provides primary health care and clinical care in a residential setting for Aboriginal people who are in Adelaide for specialist care.

Kanggawodli only accepts clients from a range of rural, remote and country locations across Australia who are in Adelaide under specialist care and may need assistance and support to navigate the health system and access comprehensive primary health care.  Clients may also require social and emotional wellbeing services, particularly when they are away from their country, their homes and their families.

Admission at Kanggawodli is by referral only.  Minimum age for residents is 16 years and Carers/Escorts must be aged over 18 years.

Clients can stay at Kanggawodli for a period of up to three months and must be independent and clinically stable.

Kanggawodli offers clients:

  • Access to high quality primary health care services including GPs, Aboriginal Health Practitioners and Allied Health services including Podiatry, Diabetes Education and Dietitians.  GP clinics are held twice per week
  • Transport for residents to and from their hospital appointments.
  • A bridge between the acute sector and the community - linking the points of care
  • Social and emotional support from a Social Worker.
  • Ngangkari clinics
  • Gathering area with fire pit for clients to enjoy.

Contact Kanggawodli

Telephone:  08 8342 2250
Fax:  08 8342 2260


Address: 16 – 22 Clement Street, Dudley Park  SA  5008

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