The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

More than $270 million is being invested to complete the Stage 3 redevelopment of The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH), which will provide the Western Adelaide community with access to the best emergency, surgical, medical, mental health and rehabilitation services in a first-class, modern hospital setting.

Since 2002, $139 million has been invested by the State Government to complete the two stage redevelopment of TQEH. This investment will support the ongoing delivery of a range of high quality services at TQEH into the future. Cardiac services will remain at TQEH along with respiratory and cancer services.

The $270 million Stage 3 redevelopment will include:

  • A new, larger state of-the-art Emergency Department
  • More outpatient clinics
  • New operating theatre and day surgery suite
  • New medical imaging suite
  • An advanced, purpose-built brain injury and spinal cord rehabilitation centre, including access to a new hydrotherapy pool

Building on our investment

Since 2002, a total of $139 million has been invested to complete a two stage redevelopment of TQEH, including two new inpatient buildings, comprising of 272 inpatient medical and surgical beds, a 20-bed older patient mental health facility, ambulatory rehabilitation facilities, renal dialysis, haematology and oncology ambulatory care facilities and a multi-storey car park.

A new eight-bed purpose-built Short Stay Mental Health Unit is currently under construction to ensure that mental health consumers are able to access care faster.

24/7 Emergency care

TQEH will continue to operate an Emergency Department staffed by specialists, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you present to TQEH Emergency Department, you will be seen and treated by emergency clinicians, no matter what your condition is.

In a medical emergency, always call 000. Please do not self-present to a hospital or your local GP.

Ambulances are the safest way to be assessed, treated and transported to the right hospital to receive the best clinical care for your condition. Our highly trained paramedics and ambulance officers can start advanced lifesaving treatment and stabilise your condition at any scene, and will make a decision about the best hospital to take you to for the care you need.

Local health services will continue at TQEH

Existing local health services will continue to be provided at TQEH. This means you will still be able to receive cardiology, respiratory and cancer care.

Your treating clinician will decide the best place for you to receive care, depending on the type of care you need for your health condition. This may be at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital or the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Outpatient services

The redevelopment will increase the number of outpatient clinics at the hospital, meaning patients in the Western suburbs can attend follow up appointments, closer to home. Existing outpatient services will continue to be provided, including cardiology, respiratory, cancer, neurology and post-stroke care. The Pain Management Unit from the Royal Adelaide Hospital will also be located at TQEH.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital fact sheet (PDF 146KB)

Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre

Rehabilitation is most successful when it starts as soon as the patient is ready. Stand-alone rehabilitation facilities can only provide rehabilitation care to patients who are medically stable.

By co-locating rehabilitation facilities and services within our metropolitan hospitals, patients will have access to 24/7 medical services, so they can receive their rehabilitation sooner and get home faster.

  • Rehabilitation services currently provided at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre (HRC) will be integrated into our metropolitan hospitals so that rehabilitation can start as soon as the patient is ready.
  • New, purpose-built brain injury and spinal cord injury units will be built at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH), as part of a major $270 million redevelopment at the hospital.
  • Patients will transition from HRC to TQEH once the new units are complete.
  • A major rehabilitation centre has been established at Modbury Hospital to care for patients in the North and North-Eastern suburbs.

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