New Medical Day Unit

30 September 2017

$64.4 million will be invested to sustain and upgrade the existing Women’s and Children’s Hospital site and among the first works will be a new Medical Day Unit.

The new Medical Day Unit will provide high quality care to children who need renal dialysis as well as day medical treatment.

There’ll be increased capacity in the new unit with 18 treatment bays, improved spaces for consulting rooms and treatment rooms, waiting areas and staff facilities.

Medical Director of Paediatric Medicine Dr Gavin Wheaton said “there has been clinician involvement in the planning for the new Medical Day Unit and going forward there will be important contribution from our clinical staff through a user group.

“The benefits for patients will be an increase in space and improved treatment areas which will all contribute to a better experience for the kids and families” he said.

The new Medical Day Unit will continue to provide a wide range of procedures including renal dialysis, procedures needing sedation and allergy food challenges.

A plan for relocation to the new Adelaide Children’s Hospital will be announced by the end of 2019.


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