Better health care for women and newborns

10 October 2017

Syeda Chowduri and husband Golan Mostafiz welcomed their baby Wazir at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital on November 27.

Wazir was a precious arrival following a 25 hour labour without epidural, which resulted in emergency c-section under general anaesthesia.

Doctors had avoided the major intervention because Mrs Chowduri’s low platelet count meant the blood in her body may be unable to form clots if she was cut.

The birth took its toll and after five days at the Women‘s and Children’s Hospital, Mrs Chowduri’s health deteriorated.

“My situation was getting worse. They thought I needed intensive care so they transferred me from the Women’s and Children’s Hospital to the Flinders Medical Centre.

“They made the right decision at the right time. I am thankful to all the Women’s and Children’s Hospital doctors, specialists, midwives and also the Flinders Medical Hospital specialists. Without them I wouldn’t be here” she said.

Women experiencing difficult births will soon receive even better care in Adelaide.

Clinical Director of the Women’s and Babies Division at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Dr Steven Scroggs said “there will be co-location with the intensive care service and the sub-specialty medicine and surgery that’s present at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

“This will improve the care of patients with complex medical needs and in the cases of emergencies. The benefits to women are that they can have complex care at the same site as they can have their baby” he said.

The new Adelaide Women’s Hospital will be part of a single-service, multi-site Women’s and Children’s Health Network, which will continue to deliver the State’s highest level of care to babies, children and women. It will exemplify outstanding clinical service, education and research.

Construction is expected to be completed by 2024.

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