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A healthy investment in Modbury Hospital

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World-class health for the North and North Eastern suburbs

More than $9 million will be invested in Modbury Hospital to build a modern, specialised Emergency Extended Care Unit alongside the Emergency Department.

The Unit will provide observation and treatment for emergency patients who require further care, allowing clinicians to monitor and evaluate patients in an advanced facility.

The investment in Modbury Hospital means residents in Adelaide’s North East community will continue to have access to a world-class modern hospital with additional emergency care and rehabilitation services closer to home.

This is in addition to the State Government’s previous investment of $62 million in Modbury Hospital since 2002.

The $9.2 million Emergency Extended Care Unit will:

  • Include eight additional beds
  • Provide observation and treatment for emergency patients who require further care
  • Mean fewer transfers
  • Shorten hospital stays
  • Increase Modbury Hospital’s capacity to treat emergency patients

Construction is expected to begin in 2018 and be completed in 2019.

Building on previous investment

The State Government has invested $62 million since 2002 to improve services and hospital infrastructure for residents in the North East.

Recent improvements include a new Rehabilitation Centre at Modbury Hospital, making it the major rehabilitation and sub-acute services centre for the North and North East. The new centre includes a large gymnasium, hydrotherapy pool, 18 treatment rooms, therapy garden, laboratory (gait lab) for analysing patient mobility, prosthetics fitting lab and services, therapy kitchen and laundry, as well as upgraded wards within the hospital.

Other improvements since 2002 include:

  • expansion and redevelopment of the emergency department
  • significant upgrade and improvements to the engineering infrastructure
  • provision for a new 20-bed rehabilitation inpatient ward.

24/7 emergency care

Modbury Hospital operates a specialist-led Emergency Department 24/7.

If you present to Modbury Hospital Emergency Department, you will be seen and treated by emergency clinicians, no matter what your condition is. While the vast majority of patients will continue to be treated at Modbury Hospital before being discharged home, if you require ongoing, specialist care not available at Modbury Hospital, you will be stabilised before being transferred to another hospital such as the Lyell McEwin Hospital.

In a medical emergency, always call 000. Please do not self-present to a hospital or your local GP.

Ambulances are the safest way to be assessed, treated and transported to the right hospital to receive the best clinical care for your condition. Our highly trained paramedics and ambulance officers can start advanced lifesaving treatment and stabilise your condition at any scene, and will make a decision about the best hospital to take you to for the care you need.

More than $16 million is being invested in SA Ambulance to employ additional paramedics and support staff, expand the ambulance fleet and increase and expand metropolitan stations.

Services managed across Modbury Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital

Modbury Hospital is now the major 23-hour and same-day elective surgery and rehabilitation hub for the North and North Eastern area.

Lyell McEwin Hospital has become the major tertiary hospital for the North and North Eastern area and will manage major emergency patients, supported by 24-hour senior doctors and nurses and diagnostic and imaging support.

Together, Modbury Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital work together to ensure that North and North Eastern residents receive the best possible care.

Modbury Hospital fact sheet (PDF 163KB)

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