Country Health SA

South Australian Ambulance vehicle on a regional road

Important improvements are underway across South Australia to ensure consistent and high quality health services for people living in regional, rural and remote South Australia.

  • Since 2014-2015 there has been an 18% increase in GP contracted services and an 8% increase in salaried medical officers
  • Investment has increased from $769 million in 2013-2014 to $819 million in 2016-2017
  • There has been $213 million in capital development investment in country hospitals since 2012

For South Australians living in country areas, changes underway across our health system will:

  • ensure South Australians receive the same standard of care, wherever they live
  • reduce the need for people to travel to metropolitan-based services, particularly by increasing the use of videoconferencing as an alternative to face-to-face outpatient services
  • utilise other emerging technologies to support country patients to access services and manage their conditions, such as home monitoring for people with chronic disease
  • co-ordinate timely transfers from Adelaide back to country areas.

Improvements across metropolitan hospitals

Improving metropolitan hospitals will benefit those who live in the regional, rural and remote parts of our State.

Country patients account for around 16 percent of overnight admissions in metropolitan hospitals, including:

  • 15% of patients at Flinders Medial Centre
  • 17% of patients at Lyell McEwin Hospital
  • 5% of patients at Modbury Hospital
  • 11% of patients at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • 21% of patients at Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • 9% of patients at Noarlunga Hospital
  • 24% of patients at Royal Adelaide Hospital

This means that they, and their families, are significantly impacted when their surgery is cancelled or postponed. Similarly, many country people have to travel to Adelaide for a 10-15 minute follow up appointment. Reducing elective surgery postponements and improving the way we use technology such as telehealth to link city specialists with country doctors and patients will improve the access and quality of care for country South Australians.

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