Transforming Health

Transforming Health explained

The State Government wants to transform our healthcare system to provide the quality care, effectiveness and adaptability that South Australians expect and deserve.

Over the last decade, we have upgraded every major hospital across the state and our new Royal Adelaide Hospital will be one of the best modern hospitals in the world. We now need to ensure our health system matches our world-class infrastructure - one that embraces innovation, takes full advantage of technology and new advances in medical treatments and is flexible to meet the challenges of the future.

Delivering Transforming Health

The Delivering Transforming Health - Summary outlines the next steps for Transforming Health, which are based on extensive input, feedback and ideas provided by the community, our staff and the industry.

For Transforming Health to succeed, our health system must focus on the patient, be led by our clinicians and driven by data. Clear lines of communication, with meaningful and direct conversations with our community, are essential too.

Transforming Health is the beginning of the conversation. We are committed to engaging with staff, clinicians, consumers and community and primary care, academic and industry partners to ensure that their needs, values and preferences are sought and considered as we transform our health system.

Further information

For more information about Transforming Health, including latest projects, please visit the Transforming Health website. 

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