South Australia’s major hospitals and the health care plan

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), Flinders Medical Centre (FMC), Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) and Women's and Children's Hospital (WCH) will become South Australia’s four major hospitals. They will form the backbone of the state’s high level critical and complex hospital services.

The new RAH will provide complex medical, surgical, diagnostic and support services and a super specialty services including renal transplantation, major burns, and complex spinal care. The new hospital will incorporate the services of the current RAH and some of the more complex services from The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. It will also provide high quality teaching and research facilities.

FMC and LMH will be upgraded to meet the needs of our fast-growing southern and northern suburbs, providing major complex, surgical, diagnostic and support services. The expanded LMH will allow more people to receive the full range of hospital services locally.

The WCH will continue to be the main provider of maternity and paediatric health care to the parents and children of South Australia, and will develop closer links with the other major and general hospitals.

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