Primary Prevention Plan 2011 - 2016

The Primary Prevention Plan 2011-2016 (PDF 578KB) has been developed by SA Health to increase the focus on primary prevention. Primary prevention aims to support and promote good health and eliminate or reduce factors that contribute to poor health.

Primary prevention makes a positive difference to people’s health and there are already many successful prevention initiatives in place. Preventative programs have played a critical role in reducing rates of smoking, cardiovascular disease, road trauma, sudden infant death syndrome, HIV and infectious disease.

Many of the conditions which have a negative impact on people’s lives can be prevented or delayed. Positive lifestyle choices such as not smoking, eating well, being active and consuming alcohol within recommended limits will have a beneficial impact on individuals, families, the community and the health system.

The Plan marks the next step in the development of primary health care reforms outlined in the SA Health Care Plan 2007 – 2016 as well as setting out the Government’s commitment to support good health and to reduce the conditions that contribute to poor health.

The Plan:

  • aims to contribute to improving health and wellbeing and reducing inequalities for South Australians
  • complements the more specific Aboriginal Health Care Plan and identifies many universal strategies that will also support Aboriginal health
  • describes the rationale for increasing efforts in prevention and some of the challenges
  • outlines a framework comprising underpinning principles; evidence on good practice; and enables for action, including leadership, coordination and partnerships, monitoring, evaluation and research, and workforce capacity
  • prioritises the consolidation and extension of universal approaches to prevention for the whole population and more targeted approaches as risk increases. This should occur by maintaining effective public health and building healthy public policy to address the determinants of health, and through action directed to the provision of progressively more targeted services for those with increasing need across the life course
  • outlines the next steps for implementation and accountability.

The Plan was written in consultation with a range of stakeholders and recognises the importance of working with a broad range of government and non-government partners, as well as individuals and communities to support South Australians to lead and maintain healthy lives.

Launch of the plan

The plan was launched by the Hon John Hill MP on 31 May 2011. The Director of Health Promotions Branch, Michele Herriot provided a presentation on the summary of the plan (PPT 2000KB).

If you would like copies of any other presentations from the launch please contact the Health Promotion Branch on (08) 8226 0799 or email

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