South Australia's Health Care Plan


The South Australian Government is reforming the state’s public health care system to keep South Australians healthy and out of hospital.

The first step towards achieving this goal was the Generational Health Review’s report in 2003 on the South Australian public health system. This report identified future health care challenges and made recommendations for implementation across the system, including an increased focus on primary health care.

The plan

Guided by the Generational Health Review, the State Government developed South Australia’s Health Care Plan 2007-2016 (PDF 1.85MB) to meet the health challenges of an ageing population, increasing incidence of chronic diseases, international workforce shortages and ageing infrastructure.

Released in 2007, the 10 year plan outlines the most significant single investment in health care in South Australia’s history - the new Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH).

It proposes new investment in other major hospitals, promotes healthy lifestyles and illness prevention through new GP Plus Health Care Centres, and makes South Australia the best place for health professionals to work.

It also details changes that will lead to:

  • better coordinated hospital services
  • more primary health care services
  • more elective surgery
  • less pressure on emergency departments and,
  • improved management of chronic disease.

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