Supported accommodation

The term supported accommodation refers to safe and secure housing linked to treatment and support from mental health clinicians and support workers for people experiencing mental illness.

Housing and Accommodation Support Partnership (HASP) Program

Housing and Accommodation Support Partnership (HASP) Program is a collaborative partnership which brings together consumers, carers, non-government organisation housing providers and psychosocial support providers, and community mental health services to provide integrated support for people experiencing mental illness and psychiatric disability in South Australia.

SA Health developed the Housing and Accommodation Support Partnership (HASP) Program to enable people with mental illness to access an affordable place to live linked with support to live successfully in the community. The program offers a new way of helping South Australians with a mental illness to lead their lives within the community and avoid repeated hospital admissions. HASP is supported by the 

Key features

  • Intensive supported accommodation for people with mental illness who require high levels of daily support. Support will be provided in accordance with each client’s needs, up to 24 hours / 7 days a week.
  • Support for people currently in Glenside extended care, people who would otherwise be dependent on facility-based care or where the continued support of carers is not viable.   
  • Provision of 20 individual houses co-located in Burnside, with on-site staffing available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  These HASP places are for people requiring intensive support.
  • Provision of 59 high and medium support places provided in newly built housing across metropolitan Adelaide.

A DVD has been produced to provide information regarding the HASP program.  For more information on the DVD please contact your local mental health service.

You can also view a version of the DVD below:


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