New model of care for eating disorders in South Australia

The new model of care for eating disorders in South Australia supports the creation of ‘hub’ and ‘spoke’ services for the treatment of eating disorders, with the hub being provided by a newly created specialist eating disorders team and the spoke services being provided by community based services.

The model is another step in reforming mental health in South Australia, which includes the introduction of 86 more mental health beds and the development of a coordinated system of community health care.

Model of service delivery

Key clinicians from public and private sectors have worked with clients and carers to develop the proposed model of care which includes:

  • establishment of a specialist eating disorder team
  • development of a day program service
  • continuation of the bed based service
  • aligning care within medical inpatient services across hospital networks
  • development of a workforce strategy to ensure there is an appropriate level of trained and skilled clinicians


The State-wide Eating Disorder Service will operate from Jetty Road, Brighton. Work is underway to complete the minor works and fit-out to ensure the building is equipped for service delivery.

Proposed Model of Care

State-wide Eating Disorder Service proposed model of care (PDF 942KB)

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