New community mental health centres

New centres

The South Australian Government has committed $34 million to establish six new community mental health centres throughout metropolitan Adelaide. The centres will provide accessible, responsive and personalised adult mental health care services to consumers including:

  • mental health information
  • ‘walk-in’ advice and support service
  • assessment 
  • crisis response 
  • outreach services
  • assistance to people presenting to hospital emergency departments
  • assistance to people in need of rehabilitation support
  • counselling

The centres will be the central point for providing consumer-focussed, proactive, responsive and supportive services to people requiring mental health support or advice.

Each centre will employ a team of mental health professionals who will work in partnership with consumers and their carers, and their nominated health care worker/s to provide coordinated care. It is expected that each person registered with the service will have an allocated care coordinator to facilitate this work on their behalf.

Work on the identification of potential building or lease-hold sites is well advanced in most areas. The first of the new centres has been built as part of the combined GP Plus Health Care Centre and State Aquatic Centre development at Marion Domain and commenced operation in May 2011. The service can be contacted on (08) 7425 8500.

Eastern Community Mental Health Centre

Building of the Eastern Community Mental Health Centre

The eastern community mental health centre is located at 172 Glynburn road Tranmere and is expected to commence operation in April 2012. A further site is being developed at 7-9 Park Terrace Salisbury and will commence service operations early in 2013.  The western site is expected to be announced shortly with building completion by June 2013. Alternative site options are presently being explored in the outer south with a view to service commencement also in 2013.

The new centres will replace the existing larger number of fragmented services presently scattered across the metropolitan area. For many people this will enable all community based services to be accessible from a single site and located close to where they live.

Each centre is being planned and designed with the needs of consumers, carers and families in mind. Importantly for staff, the centres will provide state of the art technology to assist them in undertaking their work. The location of the centres has been chosen to ensure ease of access to public transport, parking, and proximity to other businesses and services ideally within a ‘hub’ location.


All six community mental health centres will be operating by 2013- 2014. The expected completion dates for each centre are:

  • Inner South (Marion) – commence operation May 2011
  • Eastern*  (Tranmere) – building complete March 2012
  • Western* – May 2013
  • North East* – September 2013
  • Northern (Salisbury) – December 2012
  • Outer South* – July 2013

*Actual site locations are yet to be determined and are dependent upon the availability of suitable existing buildings available for lease or site development proposals.

Model of care

In addition to the development of new centres, a new model of care for adult community mental health services will also be implemented across the Adelaide metropolitan region.

The new model provides the over-arching framework for the delivery of adult community mental health services, the consumer pathway and operational practices and procedures to guide service delivery.

The adult community mental health model of care is based on the key principle that care is best provided by closely integrated teams of health care professionals that have the needs of the consumer as the primary focus of attention.

The new model of care is the result of extensive collaboration and consultation with all stakeholders including consumers and carers, mental health clinicians, government agencies and non-government service providers. A set of business rules has also been developed to further guide clinicians in their work.

Integrated clinical teams

With the introduction of the new community mental health centres, all service functions that may have previously been located in separate buildings will be located in the one place. As well as providing more of a ‘one stop shop’ for consumers and carers, it also enables our workers to work more closely together as part of a single integrated care team. This aims to greatly enhance the coordination of services to better meet consumer needs and improve the continuity of care we are able to provide.


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