Intermediate care centres

People with a mental illness will receive treatment in a supported, home-like environment through intermediate care centres.

Intermediate care is targeted at people who are becoming unwell or people with a mental illness who are leaving hospital, but still need support before returning home.

Intermediate care is a new level of service for mental health in South Australia. It provides the option for people who are becoming unwell  to ‘step up’ from community care to acute care, or for people who no longer need to receive hospital treatment to ‘step down’ with continuing care to manage the transition back into the community.

Intermediate care is a short-stay residential service that will be provided by a multidisciplinary, nurse-led team.

There will be 90 intermediate care places across SA - 60 metropolitan places in four 15-bed intermediate care centres and 30 places in the country.

The State Government has committed $18.2 million to fund the construction of new intermediate care centres and building works in:

  • Glenside
  • Noarlunga
  • Queenstown
  • Northern (site to be determined)
  • Mt Gambier
  • Port Augusta/Whyalla

Further facility-based and non-facility-based intermediate care services are planned for various regions within the country.

Independent evaluation of Intermediate Care Services

An independent evaluation of Intermediate Care Services in South Australia was completed in September 2013. The SA Department for Health and Ageing appointed Health Outcomes International (HOI) to conduct the evaluation. 

Intermediate Care Centres

The following videos provide you with an introduction to SA Health’s new Intermediate Care Centres.



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