Early psychosis intervention service for young people

Mental illness can affect anyone at anytime, but in many cases, symptoms first appear during youth or adolescence.

In recognition of the need for early intervention, the government allocated $1.6m over four years to provide early intervention for young people experiencing mental illness for the first time, including the establishment of an outreach service.

The Early Psychosis Intervention Service (EPIS) has been established to facilitate consistent service delivery to adolescents and young adults in SA experiencing early symptoms or a first episode of psychosis. A coordinated approach to service delivery will be tailored to individual need and provided by state funded adult mental health services and child and adolescent menatl health services.

The services are provided in a consultation liaison model and may include:

  • assessment and crisis intervention
  • inpatient support
  • assertive outreach case management
  • provision of education and support to families/carers

Within SA, services to young people are currently in a process of expansion.

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