Community rehabilitation centres

The Community Rehabilitation Centres (CRCs) are community-based residential, rehabilitation facilities which each have 20 places.

CRCs support people with mental illness to engage in their recovery journey.

They offer a residential setting with support 24 hours per day seven days a week, and an active, goal-focused rehabilitation program.

SA has three Community Rehabilitation Centres

  • Elpida House in the west (20 places opened June 2007)
  • Trevor Parry Centre in the south (20 places opened December 2007)
  • Wondakka in the north (20 places opened 2008)

A DVD has been produced to show the facilities and amenities available at the three CRCs, for more information on the DVD please contact your local adult mental health service.

You can also view a version of the DVD below:

The CRC program focuses on preventing further disability by supporting consumers to reduce the chance of relapses and improve their wellbeing through:

  • awareness and acceptance of mental health needs
  • understanding of early warning signs
  • development of effective personal plans to manage relapse symptoms
  • improving access to treatment services.

The program also focuses on improving the consumer’s connection with services in their local community, such as housing, health services and vocational and educational services.

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