Health Information Broker

SA Health has been working on an integration strategy to connect different public health systems, devices and programs together for sharing and exchanging data. This strategy is driven by the need to make improvements in service quality across our entire health system, and to ensure the people of South Australia receive the appropriate care in the right location at the right time.

The most innovative part of the SA Health integration strategy is the Health Information Broker (HIB), which allows data to be shared between different systems.

The HIB is instrumental in the provision of SA Health’s electronic health record and its connectivity with other systems in use across SA Health.

In 2016, the HIB project won the South Australian  iAwards (Australian Information Industry Association) – Premier Award Program in Innovation in the digital economy in Australia.

Foundation stage

The foundation stage of the Health Information Broker is now near completion – many of the core interfaces have been implemented across the Local Health Networks and our capital infrastructure investments have provided capacity to take us forward into the next five years. Many clinical units located at the various hospitals have benefited, with the resulting increase in the standard of care provided.

Further information

See the Health Information Broker presentation (PDF 840KB) for more details.




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