SA Health's electronic health record

"All the patients’ records are in one place. Now that I can access it straight away, it makes it much easier for me to assess where the patient is clinically."
  • - Doctor Santosh Verghese, Intensive Care Consultant, Flinders Medical Centre

What is an electronic health record?

SA Health has been rolling out a patient electronic health record system to public hospitals and health sites, known as the Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS).

This means that all of a patient’s medical details will be recorded electronically and exist as an electronic medical record instead of as a hard copy paper medical record. The type of patient information available on EPAS includes both administrative details (name, address, date of birth, appointment lists etc) and clinical details (including the patient’s treatment plan, their test results, scans, and information about medications they may be taking).

Having this information available at their fingertips and in one cohesive system will enable clinical staff to review patient information when they need to, and order the required tests and medications electronically at the patient’s bedside. This significantly improves patient care and safety by reducing the likelihood of medication errors, including those associated with allergies.

EPAS will also enable clinical staff to easily access a patient’s information from across the public health care system at any time, without needing to wait for hard copy patient records to be sent from one site to another. This means faster and more effective care, with more face-to-face time with the patient.

In addition, SA Ambulance staff have immediate Read Only access to the patient record, which will allow for more timely and appropriate treatment in an emergency.

At a glance

Since the first site went live with EPAS in 2013:

  • More than 580,000 South Australians now have an electronic health record. Over 57,600 of these received clinical care at multiple EPAS live sites*
  • More than 8.3 million clinical documents have been created in EPAS (including referral notes, discharge summaries, etc.)
  • More than 2.2 million inpatient, outpatient and emergency department visits have been registered in EPAS
  • More than 3.0 million medication orders have been placed in EPAS
  • More than 3.7 million Pathology and Medical Imaging orders have been placed in EPAS
  • Over 28,000 staff and students have been trained in the system

*Data from July 2018

Which hospitals and health sites currently use EPAS?

EPAS is progressively being rolled out across all SA Health public metropolitan hospitals and associated health services, including two country hospitals.

EPAS is already in use at:

  • Aldinga/Seaford GP Plus Health Care Centre
  • Flinders Medical Centre (partial)
  • Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre
  • Marion GP Plus Health Care Centre
  • Noarlunga Hospital
  • Noarlunga GP Plus Super Clinic
  • Port Augusta Hospital and Health Service
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital (partial)
  • SA Ambulance Headquarters (Extended Care Paramedics, MedSTAR and Mental Health Triage teams) – View Only access
  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • St Margaret’s Rehabilitation Hospital

Where else will EPAS be rolled out?

EPAS is set to be rolled out at the below sites over the next few years:*

  • Elizabeth GP Plus Health Care Centre
  • Flinders Medical Centre (remaining)
  • Glenside Hospital
  • Lyell McEwin Hospital
  • Modbury GP Plus Super Clinic
  • Modbury Hospital
  • Mount Gambier Hospital
  • Women’s and Children’s Hospital
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital (clinical)

*Alphabetically listed, not in order of roll-out.

For more information

If you require more information on EPAS please contact the EPAS Program:


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