Information for university and VET sector students

Training in EPAS

Prior to starting a placement at a hospital or health service using EPAS, all students will need to be trained in EPAS to access patients’ electronic health records.

The model for student training, including university and VET sector students, was developed in collaboration with ClinEdSA and South Australian universities, and is based on eLearning.

The focus for student training is ‘placement readiness’ and the level of training will enable students to commence their clinical placement at an EPAS site. Additional learning and skill consolidation will occur within the context of their scope of practice in a supervised environment.

The relevant EPAS modules are hosted on individual education provider online learning management systems. Once completed, students will need to have their training workflows reviewed by the site where they will be placed.

To ensure a smooth transition to the workplace, it is important to identify students for placement as early as possible.

Training for students’ is arranged by the individual university or learning institution.

Refresher training

Agency staff who have been previously trained in EPAS but have not worked at a live EPAS site in more than three months may require refresher training before returning to work, based on their manager’s discretion. This can be done via online training or attending further face-to-face training sessions.

Agency staff who have not worked at a live EPAS site for more than 12 months will be required to undertake refresher training to ensure they are workplace ready.

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