Information for GPs

SA Health’s electronic health record system (EPAS) is being progressively rolled out across public hospitals and GP Plus health care centres. While EPAS does not connect to private hospitals or GP clinics, GPs contracted to work in a SA Health site will be able to access the system.

When working at an EPAS site, GPs will be required to undertake EPAS training prior to starting at the site to ensure they are familiar with the system and have the appropriate logins and access required to support their role.

GP referrals

Outpatient services using EPAS are required to register patients according to the SA Health Client Identification Standards. Therefore, referrals need to contain patient demographic information that allows patients to be identified and registered in EPAS.

Relevant clinician information should be included in GP referrals to avoid potential delays in patients being seen and to assist hospital outpatient services to triage patients appropriately.

Outpatient letters

EPAS generates a letter for GPs containing information relating to a patient’s Outpatient visit. Clinicians can choose to include information in the letter that is relevant to the continuing care that GP’s will provide to their patients. The format of the letter was developed following consultation with GP’s.

Discharge summaries

Upon discharge from hospital, treating clinicians complete a patient discharge summary in EPAS. Once confirmed as correct by the treating clinician, this information is automatically faxed to the GP overnight. The discharge summary contains information relating to the patient’s inpatient visit.

From June 2017, discharge summaries are automatically sent from EPAS to patients’ My Health Record, where the patient has an established My Health Record and is over the age of 18.

EPAS and the My Health Record system

The My Health Record system – previously known as Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) – is a nationally controlled secure online summary of a patient’s health information, and is different to EPAS. Patients must choose to establish their own My Health Record, and are able to control what information is sent or maintained in their record. Patients can choose to share their health information with their doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

GPs will be able to access a patient’s national My Health Record if the patient has opted into the My Health Record system and chosen to share their health information.

More information is available at the My Health Record website.

For more information

If you require more information on EPAS please contact the EPAS Program:


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