Access to EPAS

Staff access

SA Health has purchased an enterprise wide license that will enable staff to access Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) through:

  • Desktop and Bedside Computers at in scope hospitals or health services
  • remote VPN access (for example using laptops)
  • Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones (limited functionality)

In most instances, staff will access EPAS via desktop in a hospital or health service via devices such as computers, workstations on wheels, bedside computers and laptops.

Staff access via the Clinician Portal

The EPAS Clinician Portal enables clinicians to access aspects of a patient’s electronic health record remotely via a web-based portal.

The EPAS Clinician Portal supports the provision of safe, effective clinical care by enabling informed decision making by a clinician in cases where the clinician may not be able to access the full EPAS solution via the SA Health network. For example, a clinician may be en route to another location, or otherwise unable to access the full EPAS solution but would like to review a patient’s record to provide instructional orders.

Information that may be accessed via the Clinician Portal includes:

  • the clinician’s patient list
  • general information about a specific patient (for example demographics, care providers, visit history, contacts, reports)
  • clinical information in relation to the patient (for example allergies, alerts, problem list, observations, results (laboratory and pathology), medications and certain documents).

The Clinician Portal also enables a clinician to initiate some orders for a patient, to send secure messages to other clinicians and to document a simple patient note. Any action taken via the Clinician Portal (for example issuing of orders or documentation) integrates with the full EPAS solution and will appear in the patient’s record.

Access to patient records through the EPAS Clinician Portal will be provided to staff as each site is activated. This will include GPs who provide services in SA Health sites.

General Practitioners employed by or contracted to SA Health will have the same level of access.

For more information

If you require more information on EPAS please contact the EPAS Program:

Telephone: (08) 7425 3190


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