eHealth in South Australia

eHealth describes an electronic health record system that will electronically record, store and transmit your health information in one secure and trusted environment. The goal is to improve the safety and quality of your health care.

As part of the State Government's health reform agenda, SA Health is developing Australia's first integrated state-wide electronic health record (EHR) system.

The EHR will improve communications for patients, doctors, nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and other health care professionals within the public health system by streamlining and interconnecting information systems.

The key enabler of eHealth in South Australia is the Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS).

SA Health's new Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) will provide the foundation for delivering South Australia's state-wide electronic health record (EHR). The new system will place South Australian public hospitals and health care sites at the forefront of advancements in eHealth.

It will transform our model of care by providing our health care professionals and administrative clinical staff with real time access to comprehensive patient information at the point of care.

The implementation of EPAS is SA Health's most significant e-Health reform program by its scale and impact. It will form the foundation for the EHR by connecting a patient's health record across all metropolitan public hospitals and health services, and some country hospitals.

As part of the implementation of the EPAS, SA Health will be creating a unique identifier number for each patient. This will be an interim measure until the national unique health identifiers are complete.

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