Goal 1 - Strong Partnerships That Work

The aim of the governance and leadership goal is to establish a clinical placement governance structure to provide effective leadership and a state-wide strategic approach to clinical placement management. This will facilitate collaboration between health services and education providers to explore opportunities for greater efficiency and innovation in clinical placement management and coordination across South Australia.

Governance structure

The governance and leadership structure consists of the following groups:

Clinical Placement Executive Group (CPEG)

The SA Health Clinical Placement Executive Group provides high-level strategic leadership and policy direction to enhance clinical training and reports directly to the Deputy Chief Executive, System Performance and Service Delivery.

Clinical Placement Local Health Network (LHN) Group

The Clinical Placement LHN Group informs the SA Health Clinical Placement Executive Group on issues, gaps, and opportunities in clinical placement and capacity and provides recommendations for action as appropriate. This group will also develop and establish the business rules around clinical placements at SA Health sites.

Clinical Placement Administration Process Group (CPAP) Nursing and Midwifery

The objective of the group is to provide a forum for those involved in the daily operations of clinical placement processes and in 2016 planning processes to achieve a shared, transparent, consistent and professional participation in administering clinical placements in South Australia managed by SA Health. Currently the focus is on Nursing and Midwifery placements with other health professions to follow.

SA Clinical Training Council

The South Australian Clinical Training Council (SA CTC) (PDF 169KB) has representation from:

  • government and non-government health sectors - public, private and not-for-profit)
  • education sectors - university and VET
  • professional organisations. 

The SA Clinical Training Council (SA CTC) will provide state-wide strategic leadership and advice on clinical training across health professionals. The SA CTC will promote and support an efficient and effective clinical training system with a primary focus on ensuring the capacity for quality clinical training meets the supply needs of the health workforce.

The inaugural meeting will be held on 31 July 2015. The SA CTC Council replaces the ClinEdSA Advisory Board, the previous IRCTN governance board.

This project received funding from the Australian Government.

Clinical Placement Agreements 


12 May 2015 - updating stakeholders

A forum was held to update stakeholders on Better Placed and officially launch the pilot of a clinical placement management system in South Australia. Over 130 people attended the Better Placed forum including the stakeholders:

  • commonwealth Department of Health
  • SA Health
  • private and non-government clinical placement providers
  • universities
  • VET sector attended. 

The forum provided an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the four goals of Better Placed and other topics included the value of students. In particular, further detail about SA Health’s collaboration with the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services in piloting viCPlace was provided.

PowerPoint presentation (PDF 1756KB)

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