New SA Health credentialling system (eCredential)

SA Health is transitioning to a new credentialling system called Mercury eCredential in 2017, which will replace the existing Credentialling and Scope of Clinical Practice System (CSCPS).

eCredential provides a secure platform for health practitioners to enter and maintain credentials in the form of a career profile.

Implementation of eCredential

eCredential is the system that will be introduced in 2017, to re-credential health practitioners. It is operated by Mercury, an Australian company based in Melbourne.

eCredential is a secure self-service, web-based portal that enables health practitioners to automate and maintain their own confidential career profile, which is shared with SA Health for the purposes of credentialling.

Credentialled health practitioners will receive an email prior to the implementation of eCredential to advise them on how the change to the new system will affect them. For the majority of health practitioners, the only action required will be setting a password and reviewing their profile.

SA Health staff responsible for approving credentials and scope of practice applications will receive user access and training in using eCredential, as part of the implementation. Once eCredential goes live, a customised dashboard view of eCredential will be accessible from SA Health work stations and as a redirection from the CSCPS database website.

For more information, visit the online career profile section of eCredential.

Why are we changing?

SA Health identified the need for all organisations and LHNs to improve the process for how health practitioners submit information to be credentialled to ensure it is consistent across all sites.

Key benefits

  • Eliminates the need for paper-based credentialling applications to be sent to multiple sites, ensuring that important actions are not missed and the risk of data translation errors is lowered
  • Limits the duplication of effort as LHNs can view verified credentials already in the system rather than carrying out further verification processes
  • The security model allows credentialling data to be hidden or visible, depending on local requirements and authorisation
  • Transparency across the credentialling process with all approvals, documentation and data being auditable
  • Promotes consistency of credentialling processes across SA Health.
  • Summary screens will appear in the portal that captures if credentialling committee members have approved a health practitioner’s scope of practice or added changes.

Key features

The key features of the system include:

  • A self-service portal. You can maintain your own personal profile and share it with multiple credentialling representative and record relevant credentialling information
  • An invite process to request health practitioners to submit their profile to be credentialled across all SA Health LHNs
  • eCredential uses an online wizard to step users through each stage of reviewing
  • Links together with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to obtain national registration information including any conditions or restrictions
  • Provides a continuous record of a practitioner's credentialling history to assist the re credentialling process
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities to help the LHNs prepare for accreditation
  • Flexible management of a scope of clinical practice library to list the expected or available scopes of practice for each profession, LHN and facility
  • A security model that manages the authorisation and access of users in the system. 

eCredential complies with Commonwealth privacy legislation and the information entered into the system cannot be used for any purpose other than credentialling.

User manuals for eCredential

When you are logged into the online career profile section of eCredential you will find the Clinician User Guide at the top of your screen under ‘Guides’

When you are logged into the cutomised dashboard view of eCredential from your SA Health workstation, you will find the ‘eCredential Admin User Guide’ and ‘Clinician User Guide’ at the bottom of your screen under ‘User Guides’.

Further Information

For further information about the implementation of eCredential, please contact:

Senior Project Officer, Credentialling
Telephone: (08) 8226 6422

Frequently Asked Questions


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