TeamSTEPPS education and training

Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS®) is an evidence-based sustainable model and structure for improvement in teamwork and communication. TeamSTEPPS® enhances progressive development and achievement of patient safety and quality improvement goals.

To access the below eLearning courses visit the SA Health Safety and Quality eLearning courses intranet page.

Why do we have training about teamwork?

Effective teamwork can improve patient safety and staff performance. This course is aligned with Standards one and two of the National Safety and Quality Health Standards (NSQHS) and it encourages you to think about your role and that of your team in how you communicate and collaborate with patients and your colleagues to provide excellent care.

After completing this course, you can learn more about strategies to improve teamwork by completing the TeamSTEPPS®: Skills to Improve Teamwork course.

Skills to Improve Teamwork

The TeamSTEPPS® program identifies four fundamental skills that enhance team performance and consumer and patient safety. These skills offer you as a team member a framework and strategies/tools to enhance your collaboration and communication with your work colleagues and with your patients. The four skills are: 

  • leadership
  • situation monitoring
  • mutual support
  • communication.

All these skills are interrelated and coordinate together to provide you with knowledge, skills and attitudes that can contribute to a well-functioning patient care team.

Refresher - Coaching

Health service staff involved in the TeamSTEPPS® program can take on a number of roles depending on their experience, involvement in the program and their existing roles in the health service. Coaching the skills of teamwork into practice is one of these roles. The coaching role is critical as it provides visible support and reinforcement of the TeamSTEPPS® tools and strategies. You will have learnt about the coaching role and how you can contribute to team performance in your TeamSTEPPS® training. This module provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your current experience in coaching and learn how to practice the competencies and skills you have developed.

Master Trainer - Observation

This module is for all staff who have completed the TeamSTEPPS® Train the Trainer Workshop to enable you to use your theoretical knowledge about teamwork to evaluate team performance in your workplace. In this course, you will learn about the observation role and how you can evaluate team performance.

Your observation role is critical as it provides visible support and reinforcement of the TeamSTEPPS® tools and strategies. The observation report provides an insight and feedback on teamwork and communication behaviours of the team, for the change team to identify and plan improvements in team performance.

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