Understanding vaccines and adult vaccination requirements for workplace programs

Understanding vaccines and adult vaccination requirements for workplace programs is a high quality online training course that uses animation and interactivity to promote learning. This course has been designed to provide health professionals with knowledge and skills to competently deliver high quality and safe immunisation services to adults.

The course is endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing and attracts 30 CPD hours.

This program is prerequisite for pharmacists undertaking programs of study to be an Authorised immunisation provider.

Certificates awarded

On completion of the course all learners will be able to print a Record of Study that can be used as evidence for continuing professional development.

Health professionals who successfully complete and meet all course requirements will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

SA Health reserves the right to withhold issuing a certificate if the learner is deemed not to have successfully completed the program and met all course requirements. In this case the learner will only receive a Record of Study.

Registration requirements

A self-registration process requires you to create a unique user name and password which enables you to login anywhere. You must provide your full name, current address and AHPRA number.

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Course requirements

The course requires access to the internet. The system requirements are listed and should be checked prior to purchase..

The program must be completed within a period of 20 weeks from the date of registration.


An assessment follows most chapters and you must achieve 100% in each assessment within a maximum of three attempts to allow you to progress through the course.


The course costs $220. Payment is made online through a secure PayPal system.

Further information

For further information on the course contact SA Health's Immunisation Section or see the frequently asked questions below.

Course content

The following is a course outline which provides information on the topics covered in the course: 

Microbiology, immunology and vaccine types

Module 1 delivers information on the fundamentals of microbiology and immunology, providing a foundation for further understanding of the disease process, the chain of infection, vaccine development and how vaccines work. Five chapters cover:

  1. Why we immunise
  2. Basic microbiology
  3. Basic immunology
  4. Vaccine types, their development and components
  5. Vaccine performance and vaccine licensing

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Vaccine preventable diseases and associated vaccines

Module 2 provides a framework for understanding vaccine preventable diseases relevant to adults. Each chapter discusses the diseases and the vaccines used to prevent these diseases. Five chapters cover:

  1. Measles, mumps, rubella and varicella disease and live attenuated vaccines
  2. Polio and hepatitis A disease and whole inactivated vaccines
  3. Diphtheria and tetanus disease and toxoid vaccines
  4. Pertussis and influenza disease and subunit vaccines
  5. Hepatitis B disease and recombinant subunit vaccines

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Legislation and risk communication

Module 3 consists of one chapter that aims to assist the health practitioner to apply the relevant legislative requirements to clinical practice and effectively communicate risk in the clinical setting.

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Delivering an immunisation service

Module 4 introduces the learner to the requirements necessary to deliver a high quality and safe immunisation service. A video provides clinical instruction and outlines the key aspects of the immunisation encounter. Three chapters cover:

  1. Vaccine cold chain
  2. Vaccine safety
  3. Delivering an immunisation service

There is no clinical assessment attached to this program but a clinical assessment guide is provided for those who wish to make their own arrangements for clinical assessment.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is this course needed?

There is a growing need for health professionals providing immunisation services to have ready access to comprehensive and affordable education to maintain the level of knowledge, skills and professionalism required to deliver a safe immunisation service. The increase in the provision of workplace vaccination programs has led to the development of this online education program.

Who should do this course?

Health professionals involved in the discussion or delivery of adult or occupational vaccination programs will benefit from this course.

Is there support available during the course?

Content Support is available from a team of immunisation nurse experts located in the Immunisation Section, SA Health, Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (Australian Central Standard Time).

Technical support is available from the technical experts from e3 Learning Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (Australian Central Standard Time).

Are resources provided?

Resources required for the course are available electronically, including information and tables. Workbooks are available and can be printed to enable note taking throughout the course and for future reference.

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