Firearm notifications

Firearms Act 1977 includes three sections relevant to health professionals which may require specific action to be taken.

Make the report as soon as possible after first becoming suspicious.

Notification forms

The Firearms and weapon notification page on the SA Police website provides copies of the relevant forms for reporting any of the below medical notifications.

Wounds inflicted by firearms

Section 27B

Mandatory reporting obligations for medical practitioners in relation to suspected firearms injuries, and requires that reasonable steps are undertaken to retain projectiles or fragments taken from wounds for evidentiary purposes.

Obligations to report unsafe situations with firearms

Section 27A

Requires medical professionals who are concerned about the physical or mental state of a patient to make a report when there is a threat to the patient's own safety or the safety of another person from the patient's possession or use of a firearm.

Power to require medical examination or report

Section 6B(3)

Where a person wishes to hold a firearm and there is concern about their physical and/or mental state, the Registrar of Firearms can require that person to submit to an examination by, or to provide a medical report from, a health professional.

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