HealthPathways online tool promotes consistent quality care

13 April 2017

SA Health, Adelaide Primary Health Network and Country SA Primary Health Network are working in partnership to implement HealthPathways; a comprehensive, evidence based information, assessment, management and referral resource.

Once developed, the HealthPathways online portal will support the consistent management of patients across the state. It will provide options for a range of community based services and improve the consistency and quality of referrals for people who require specialist outpatient services.

HealthPathways is a best practice model that has been implemented in States and Territories across Australia and New Zealand. The aim is to provide a consistent approach to health planning to ensure the patient has the right care at the right time in the right location. There are 700 HealthPathways that can be localised to the South Australian context.

A HealthPathways Team will be established in the coming weeks, with representatives from Primary Health Networks and SA Health, to oversee the implementation of HealthPathways. Clinical work groups will also be established, bringing together primary and acute sector clinicians and other subject matter experts to localise each pathway.

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