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How can I find out about changes taking place at SA Health that may impact my management of patients in the community?

SA Health is committed to connecting with GPs and keeping you informed. Several mechanisms are available to provide information about high level strategies taking place across the health system.

You can choose how to connect with us by:

  • Visiting the SA Health ‘For GPs’ webpage:
  • Subscribing to our GP emailing list to receive important SA Health updates
  • Inviting a SA Health representative to attend your scheduled meetings and forums
  • Reading about our strategic programs and initiatives in your newsletter publications.

How can my Practice Manager keep informed about changes at SA Health?

GPs and Practice Managers are encouraged to subscribe to the GP emailing list to receive strategic program updates. To subscribe, complete the online subscription form on the ‘For GPs’ webpage:

How do I provide feedback on the ‘For GPs’ webpage?

The SA Health ‘For GPs’ webpage aims to support you and provide information that will help you to coordinate patient care during strategic change. We welcome your feedback and suggestions about the webpage to ensure that our communication is targeted, coordinated and effective. Please email any feedback to

What information is available on the ‘For GPs’ webpage?

The webpage is a mechanism to provide you with coordinated and consistent information about SA Health. The ’For GPs’ webpage will provide information on high level strategic programs, such as the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, patient flow pathways and the roll out of the new Enterprise Patient Administrative System (EPAS). The webpage will also provide links to other information you may find useful, including: > Outpatient clinic lists > Notifiable disease information > Information about health conditions and clinical resources.

You can also follow SA Health on Facebook and Twitter.

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