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Pills, Potions and Pregnancy

The pharmacology of common over the counter and prescribed medications used in pregnancy and during breast feeding.

The 21st annual Dr Brian Pridmore Perinatal Forum presents “Pills, Potions and Pregnancy”, which was held on the evening of 9 August 2017 in the Napier Building at the University of Adelaide, South Australia.


This years presenters included:

  • Ms Cath Leggett – Medicines Information Manager, Women's and Children's Hospital
  • Dr Claire Whitehead – Maternal Fetal Medicine trainee specialist
  • Ms Donna Mansell – Eligible midwife and Certified Lactation Consultant

Topics covered in this years forum


Dr Aimee Wiltshire outlines the format and presents the 2015 provisional draft recommendations made by the Maternal and Perinatal Mortality Committee, which will be published in late 2017 in the annual report ‘Maternal and Perinatal Mortality in South Australia 2015.

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Ms Cath Leggett

Major topics covered by Ms Cath Leggett include:

  • Obstetric and Paediatric Medicines Information Service at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital;
  • potential sources of misleading information
  • limitations of the TGAAustralian Drug Evaluation Committee (ADEC) categories
  • product information (MIMS)
  • factors to consider when prescribing
  • oral NSAIDS
  • paracetamol
  • opioids
  • antidepressants & Neonatal Adaptation Disorder
  • common cold medications
  • allergy medications including antihistamines.

Information sources – MotherToBaby, bumps, LactMed

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Dr Claire Whitehead

Major topics covered by Dr Claire Whitehead included:

  • Prevalence of medication use in pregnancy (prescription and non-prescription)
  • concerns regarding fetal loss, birth defects, neurodevelopmental problems & infant deaths
  • pharmacokinetics & the physiology of pregnancy
  • common medication exposures in the 1st trimester, known teratogens & timing of teratogenic effects
  • establishing risks
  • limitations of TGA drug categories
  • anti-epileptic drugs - folic acid, fetal anticonvulsant syndrome, vitamin K, breast feeding & contraception
  • antihypertensives.

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Ms Donna Mansell

Major topics covered by Ms Donna Mansell included:

  • Physical & emotional causes of low human milk production
  • Domperidone (Motilium)
  • fenugreek.

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Question and answer session

A short question and answer session includes the above speakers and Ms Resmey Sok, Women’s and Babies Team Leader and Pharmacy Educator, Women's & Children's Hospital.

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Dr Aimee Wiltshire - Introduction

Ms Cath Leggett

Dr Claire Whitehead

Ms Donna Mansell

Questions and answer


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