Implementing The toolkit into everyday practice

Recommended steps for the successful implementation of The toolkit are discussed in this section. There are many ways to approach implementation and they all have merit - there is not one single 'right way'.

The toolkit is closely aligned to criteria in the recently endorsed National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards. Health services can use The toolkit to demonstrate compliance against the new Standards.

Our approach is based on The 'how to' guide, 'Turning knowledge into practice in the care of older people'.  This was developed by Project Health, which was commissioned by the Health Care of Older Australians Standing Committee (HCOASC, previously the Care of Older Australians Working Group) in a project led by the Victorian Government, to develop a resource that could guide implementation of the HCOASC knowledge resources in clinical practice.

The 'how to' guide has been developed for governments and health services. It is aimed at both the organisational and team levels and details the range of activities that are required to support implementation.  It can be found with the HCOASC resources at

For implementation of The toolkit, health services:

  • do not have to use all the tools and resources available in The toolkit.
  • should not look to The toolkit as the only source of tools and resources available.

Networking with other health services is recommended and the sharing of other tools and resources is encouraged.

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