Immunisation resources

Immunisation providers who have been allocated a Vaccine Account Number (VAN) can order resources directly below through the online resource ordering system. Your VAN is both your user name and password.

To order your immunisation resources please click on the button below. 

Order your immunisation resources here

For anyone wishing to order information resources who do not have a VAN should contact the Immunisation Section and other arrangements will be made.

The following resources are available to assist immunisation providers support immunisation programs in South Australia. 

To order printed resources complete the Resource Order Form (PDF 61KB) and email or fax to the Immunisation Section.

For further information on obtaining resources, contact the Immunisation Section.


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General resources

The following general resources are available to download or order:

Resource Download Order
After Vaccination information leaflet (PDF 102KB) Yes Yes
After Vaccination Information for Pregnant Women leaflet (PDF 115KB) Yes Yes
Approvals for immunisation training programs and organisations delivering immunisation programs Yes -
Australian Immunisation Handbook Yes Yes
Consent Resource Folder (PDF 695KB) Yes Yes
Consent Resource Poster - Yes
Flu vaccine for kids brochure (PDF 154KB) Yes -
Hepatitis B vaccination at birth: Why your baby needs it (PDF 135KB) Yes Yes
Immunisation before pregnancy (PDF 225KB), see also translated resources Yes Yes
Immunisation during pregnancy (PDF 198KB), see also translated resources Yes Yes
Immunisation: What you need to know before you consent (PDF 672KB) Yes Yes
Immunisation schedule - Annual Funded Influenza Program SA (PDF 81KB) Yes Yes
Immunisation schedule - National Immunisation Program - SA (PDF 75KB) Yes Yes
Influenza posters - Yes
Management of anaphylaxis (PDF 73KB) Yes -
Myths and Realities - A Guide for Providers Yes Yes
New Arrival Refugee Immunisation poster (PDF 104KB) Yes -
Personal Vaccination Record Card - Yes
Rotavirus wheel (dosing interval aid) - Yes
School Immunisation Program Protocols (PDF 1MB) Yes -
Tetanus Flow Chart (PDF 69KB) Yes -
Understanding Childhood Immunisation booklet - Yes
Vaccine Standing Drug Order Template (DOC 80KB) Yes -
Vasovagal episode or Anaphylaxis chart (PDF 62KB) Yes -
Whooping cough (pertussis): Who should be vaccinated? brochure (PDF 152KB) Yes -

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Translated resources

Immunisation and pregnancy

Resource Download Order
Arabic (PDF 1MB) Yes -
Dari (PDF 1MB) Yes -
Farsi (PDF 1MB) Yes -
Chinese (simplified) (PDF 1MB) Yes -
Vietnamese (PDF 1MB) Yes -

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Cold chain

Resource Download Order
Cold Chain Monitors - Yes
Vaccine Fridge Temperature Chart - Yes
National Vaccine Storage Guidelines: Strive for 5 Yes Yes
Do Not Turn the Fridge Off stickers - Yes
Stop-Vaccine Fridge stickers - Yes
Cold Chain Back-up Plan (PDF 178KB) Yes -

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Provider lists

Resource Download Order
Q Fever provider list (PDF 109KB) Yes -
Yellow Fever provider list (PDF 91KB) Yes -

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Campaign related

The following campaign resources are available to download or order:

Help Me Stay Strong

Resource Download Order
Brochure (PDF 400KB) Yes Yes
Poster 1 - little girl (PDF 259KB) Yes Yes
Poster 2 - little girl and dad (PDF 239KB) Yes Yes
Poster 3 - little boy and mum (PDF 259KB) Yes Yes
Reminder card - baby (PDF 141KB) Yes Yes
Reminder card - child (PDF 251KB) Yes Yes

Vaccinate from 28

Resource Download Order
Brochure (PDF 400KB) Yes Yes
Fact sheet (PDF 165KB) Yes Yes
Poster (PDF 2369KB) Yes Yes

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Resource Download Order
Aboriginal Influenza Vaccination Poster Yes Yes

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