Maternal, Neonatal and Gynaecology

The state-wide Maternal and Neonatal Community of Practice Committee replaces the previous SA Maternal & Neonatal Clinical Network that was dissolved in 2015. It is representative of a multidisciplinary team of health care clinicians, from metropolitan and country health working in maternity and neonatal care who are responsible for developing a sustainable, high quality, equitable state wide perinatal service in South Australia. It is also committed to consumer and community engagement as part of its role, regarding this as integral to a quality health system for mothers and babies.

The Community of Practice is responsible for developing the priorities, standards and other related outcomes relevant to contemporary perinatal practice in South Australia, established through the SA Health Transforming Health strategies and by the work of its Clinical Reference Group,.

The Maternal and Neonatal Clinical Network brings together rural and metropolitan clinicians, other professionals and consumer representatives to jointly plan and implement services, ensuring better health outcomes for mothers and newborn infants across South Australia.

The Community of Practice will provide the state-wide governance for maternity and neonatal services within South Australia.

SA Perinatal Advice

Telephone: (08) 8161 9999

The SA Maternal and Neonatal Community of Practice established the SA Perinatal Advice Line in 2009 for South Australian healthcare providers requiring urgent or emergency obstetric and neonatal clinical advice. 

Standards for services policy

The Standards for Maternal and Neonatal Services in South Australia 2015 (PDF 1.2MB) has been developed to assist South Australian public health care providers and service planners determine the appropriate scope and level of maternity and neonatal services for their particular unit and/or organisation.

Notably the policy includes six levels of service delineation, within a criterion-based framework. The six levels of service delineation determine the minimum clinical standards that should be afforded by a maternity and/or neonatal service of a given complexity. The policy also considers quality and safety of care, and defines the relevant workforce, equipment, protocols and service arrangements that need to be formally in place to ensure the continuity of a particular level of service.


February 2015 (PDF 93KB) - A summary of some of the work and achievements the Network has managed over the past year.


Chair: Professor Jodie Dodd

Network Development Manager: Bonnie Fisher

Name Role Metropolitan / Country
Naomi Dwyer CEO, WCHN Metropolitan
Meredith Hobbs Director Women’s and Children Metropolitan
Bernie Cummins Director Women’s and Babies Metropolitan
Lizelle Weber Neonatologist Metropolitan
Steve Scroggs Director Obstetrics & Gynaecology Metropolitan
Peter Chapman Medical Director Country Health SA Country
Sara Robertson Researcher Metropolitan
Andy McPhee Director SA Neonatal Services Metropolitan
Bonnie Fisher Principal Project Officer Maternity & Neonatal Services Metropolitan
Sara Kerr Consumer Metropolitan


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