Chemotherapy Service Standards

The Standards for Chemotherapy Services in South Australia are designed to guide the continuous improvement of services by identifying the minimum workforce, infrastructure and support services necessary to deliver safe, high quality chemotherapy. 

These standards have been developed through a detailed review of state, national and international references and extensive multi-disciplinary consultation across the South Australian health care system. 

The South Australian Cancer Clinical Network Steering Committee has overseen the development of these standards with the view that their state-wide implementation will: 

  • support a common framework for safe, high quality practice
  • enable monitoring of competence and benchmarking of clinical services against identified minimal requirements for varying complexities of care.

Aims of the Chemotherapy Standards

The establishment of state-wide chemotherapy standards aims to enable all current and developing chemotherapy services to meet, monitor and maintain minimum safety and quality requirements. 

The Standards for Chemotherapy Services in South Australia includes a self-evaluation and implementation planning matrix. This will enable identification and reporting of service improvement achievements and gaps.  

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