Allied health activity recording

Demonstrating the Value of Allied Health Care in SA Health

The Allied and Scientific Health Office has worked with Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) Allied Health Directorate to build on the current understanding and utilisation of health service data to assist AH in contributing to broad health reform strategies particularly under the Transforming Health agenda.

This project used the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) data and services to identify patient groups relevant to AH, CALHN and applicable to most LHNs. Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs) with significant AH input and specific cost saving potential for the site were chosen to demonstrate costing and funding methodology.

AH input and potential for improved quantitative (cost savings) and qualitative (improved patient care) outcomes using alternative AH driven models of care were then identified through further analysis. The analysis determined that numerous strategies were required to ensure further development of an integrated multi-professional, inclusive of AH, based approach to healthcare.

The report provides a template which could be utilised within the Transforming Health Agenda to evaluate and identify opportunities to improve service delivery. Access a copy of the report at the link below.

Enterprise Patient Administration Scheme (EPAS) and allied health

SA Health’s new Enterprise Patient Administration System (EPAS) is providing the foundation for delivering South Australia’s state-wide electronic health record (EHR). EPAS will connect our public hospitals and health care sites and place them at the forefront of advancements in eHealth. There is an Allied Health quick tips for EPAS users guide available. 

For those sites that have or will be using EPAS, the Allied Health Activity Minimum Data Set and Data Definitions (PDF 673KB) should be utilised in conjunction with the Business Rules for Allied Health (PDF 1080KB) developed by the EPAS Allied Health Adoptions Managers.

Definitions and data sets

The Minimum Data Set and Data Definitions (PDF 673KB) document outlines a recommended minimum data set of activity collection regardless of the allied health site, service or activity collection system (EPAS or non-EPAS), although local workflow decisions regarding specific counting practices may be required. This aligns with the nationally mandated allied health data activity requirements (or minimum data set) for service delivery. To ensure reported activity is as accurate, reproducible and standardised between and within professions and service locations as possible the minimum data was developed. 

Business rules

The Business Rules for Allied Health (PDF 1080KB) document focuses exclusively on Allied Health workflows specific to the EPAS system and as such should not be extrapolated to other professions or systems.

Activity based funding (ABF)

As national and state information is updated, such as the annual Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) update to the National Efficient Price and clinic price weights, the above documents may require updates. As updates are released, the new information will be in italics and version control will be listed.

Introduction to ABF

Resources and references

Further information

For further information on activity recording, contact the Allied and Scientific Health Office.

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