Audit of South Australian Government Inpatient Mental Health Services

In May 2017, the Chief Executive of SA Health, commissioned an audit of inpatient mental health services. The aim was to consider actions taken in response to three external reviews of mental health services and recommendations from accreditation surveys conducted since January 2013. The objective was to identify opportunities to improve the provision of consistent, contemporary, consumer and carer focused inpatient mental health services.

The audit was conducted over two weeks commencing 26 June 2017. The audit included the following steps:

  • Development of a framework which aggregated the recommendations into themes and key questions.
  • Application of the framework to guide information and data collection prior to and during a series of structured small group interviews with more than 150 key stakeholders.
  • Site visits to 27 designated inpatient and selected community facilities.
  • Analysis of information collected to assess organisational responses to all recommendations.

While inpatient services were the focus of the review, it was necessary to consider their delivery in the context of an integrated service model. This necessitated the extension of the audit to consider other services including community based programs.

This audit of recommendations arising from recent reviews and accrediation surveys report (PDF 905KB) and response (PDF 62KB) summarises the actions taken within the Department of Health and Ageing (DHA) and at the local health network (LHN) level in respect of each of the recommendations. Conclusions focus on the overall organisational response and areas where, in the opinion of the auditors, organisational changes should be made to improve service performance.

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